Sharing is Caring

Know some girlfriends that would fit perfectly into our pieces?
Tell them about us and get rewarded once they make a purchase with us.

Let us tell you more in 3 easy steps!

1. Find Your Shareable Link

It's on the referral icon on your profile page
The checkout page once you complete your order.

2. Share Your Love!

Through social media
Forward the email you receive.

3. Get Your Rewards!

You will receive an email with your 10% OFF discount code once your girlfriends make their first purchase.

Your girlfriends will be rewarded IDR 120K OFF (no min. spend) when they make their 1st order with us. It's a win-win solution, isn't it?

More Exciting News for You:


It's free! The program requires 0 costs to join.


The more the merrier! You can refer as many girlfriends as you like with your personalized code.

P.S.: The more girlfriends you refer, the more discounts you'll get.

are you ready?

Are you ready for
this exciting journey?


1. What constitutes a successful referral?

A successful referral is defined as a purchase made via Love, Bonito Indonesia by a person ("Referred Friend") who :

  • Creates an account by clicking on the Referral Program link sent by Referrer.
  • Make their first purchase.
2. When will the Referrer receive the reward?

The Referrer will receive their reward 24 hours after a purchase made by the referee is deemed to be successful.

3. Who can be referred friend?

The referred friend has to be a new customer to Love, Bonito with no previous purchases for the referral to be successful. Therefore, there is only one Successful referral or each Referred Friend.

The Referred Friend and the Referrer can't be the same person. The Referred friend must have a different email address, along with different billing and shipping information from the Referrer.

The Referrer must know the Referred friend as a friend, family member, or relative.

4. Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can do?

We do not have a limit to the number of referrals. You will be rewarded for every referral that is deemed to be successful.