Teddy, Oil & Mist Set


Size (Dimension)

Teddy =4x3,5x3(cm)
Oil      =2,4x7,5(cm)
Mist    =3,6x13,5(cm)


This Teddy, Oil & Mist Set includes:
1. Teddy ,to plug into car air-con or placed in a room
2. Essential Oil (Rose scent) , to refill the teddy scent.
3. Multipurpose Mist (Rose scent) - to refresh rooms, for linen spray and gadget cleaner
Each of our products is specially handcrafted, therefore every individual piece is charming in it's own way, so it's possible to have a slight difference in it's appearance according to the shape and size of the ingredients used. However the design, color, scents and vibe will remain the same.


Teddy: Flour for art and craft,
Essential Oil: oil, water
Mist: Water, alcohol, oil

Product Care

Avoid from direct sunlight