Onyx Candle


Size (Dimension)

Diameter 9cm

Tinggi 9cm (Candle lid included)


1.Citronelle : Light and fresh essence of citronella complemented by the subtle citrusy,
2.Mountain valley : floral notes of roses and lily of the valley creating sensual atmosphere yet relaxing at the same time.
3.Spring wisteria:Floral notes of jasmine and cyclamen blended beautifully releasing the distinct scents of spring.


100% vegetable wax and fragrance oil

Product Care

For best result, allows candle burn until the entire top surface melts
Always keep a burning candle within sight
Trim the wick to 5mm before each relighting for a clean burning experience
Do not burn more than 4 hours
Never touch or move the vessel when burning candle
Keep out of reach of children or pets at all times