Lavender Mist (250ml)


Size (Dimension)

Tinggi: 21cm

Diameter :5cm


Aromatherapy Mist designed for all-over use, selected from pure essential oils to transform your mood anywhere, anytime.
Close your eyes and mouth and spray your Aromatherapy Mist from above your head. Inhale deeply and let it transform your mood and wellbeing with a Revitalising, Calming or Balancing scent.
Prepare for a good night’s sleep by spraying Lavender Mist on your bed linen and pillow before you climb into bed.
Prepare for a mood booster with Morning Mist as body perfume.Helps to heal burns, cuts and itchy skin
Therapeutic essential oil and Floral extract.
Body mist, Pillow spray and Natural Perfume.
Calming scent to helps insomnia, headache and nausea.


Floral extract, hydrosol, Lavender buds, French Lavender and Organic Bulgarian Essential oil and pink himalayan salt

Product Care

Avoid direct sunlight