Fog Apothecary - Recharged Set


Size (Dimension)

Tinggi= 15cm

Diameter= 3,5cm


This Recharged Set includes:
- Mindful EO 10ml
- Rise and Shine EO 10ml

Essential oil blends . 10ml.
Fog Apothecary always focus on using top quality ingredients to finalize therapeutic grade essential oils blends to be versatile and benefits enough for daily purposes.
Finding stillness & ease in a wooded forest is rejuvenating. Through a woody scent from Juniper berry , may remains back our dreams and happy memories.
Mindful helps you to stay present and enhance your focus.
The adds-on in deep-work, meditation, yoga & grounding time to provide calm, energy & vitality.
Helps to relief tension & stress. Great to diffuse 3-5 drops to cleanse & purify air.
Aroma : Balsamic,floral, woody.


Essential oil blends, floral and herb extract, peppermint hydrosol, wood and minty notes, menthol, Pink Himalayan Salt

Product Care

Avoid direct sunlight

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