Awaken Mist (250ml)


Size (Dimension)

Tinggi: 21cm

Diameter :5cm


Aromatherapy Mist with peppermint and hint of woody notes. Designed for all-over use, selected from pure essential oils to transform your mood anywhere, anytime. If you’re looking for something to make you more alert, uplift your soul & make you smile, Awaken mist will have you buzzing.
Awaken mist suits to use during your meditation, reading time and sun-bathing time. The cooling effect will refresh you in no time. Helps to reduce nausea and headache
Lightly spray into onto body or space. Take a breath and set your intentions. May use as pillow mist, room & car freshener, it’s great to give double spritz on your bag.Great for motion sickness or On-flight.
Promote clear airways & breathing esp colds & flu.
Body mist, Pillow spray and Natural Perfume.
Soothes skin from itchy and sun-burn.


Essential oil blends, floral and herb extract, peppermint hydrosol, wood and minty notes, menthol, Pink Himalayan Salt

Product Care

Avoid direct sunlight